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Set Review: Odesza, Crofoot Jan 25 2013

Usually when I review a show I give the lowdown on each act hitting on what made them memorable, good or bad. For this show, which also featured Emancipator Ensemble and Real Magic, I’m going to bypass that to single out, Odesza,  the one act that really dazzled the crowd last Saturday night at the Crofoot. Odesza is an electronic music duo from Seattle that laid down a set of heavy hip hop inspired electronic mayhem that sent the crowd to near hysteric levels.

Pulling from their ep “My Friends Never Die” and various other beats and tracks the songs melded together in a seamless set. Behind the table, each DJ had an identical set of gear they operated while dancing. From above I could see them manipulate various lighted buttons, move levers and twirl knobs but distinguishing out who was doing what was near impossible. What I could sort out was these guys were stealing the show and it won’t be long until they are headlining their own. You can catch more of what Odesza has to offer on their recently released mixtape No.Sleep Mix.03.