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ORIGINS with Legends DJ Assault and DJ Godfather on February 8th

Origin - the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived

This event we will bring together two of Detroit's legends DJ Assault and DJ Godfather 
(With lots of local support!)

DJ Assault 

Born Craig De Sean Adams and raised in Detroit, Craig came to dance music like many of his Motown brethren, via the radio. Detroit radio jocks made lasting impressions on the young artist. Mixing records since 1982, Craig has been indoctrinating people with his own take on Detroit dance music, which is very much an amalgam of his radio predecessors. The introduction of scratching and rapping to non-Hip Hop genres of music, this style is something that could only have come from Detroit. Along the way, DJ Assault was born. DJ ASSAULT A.K.A. CRAIG DIAMONDS ‘The STREET NARRATOR’ is hard at work with his label and a place to finally call home ‘JEFFERSON AVE’. Making his mark as a well established international DJ since 1997. Assault continues to globe trot yearly all around the US and to over 22 European countries. The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Japan are also among countries that have felt the bass. DJ Assault is also the man behind a whole new set of beats — the man responsible for some of the most infectious hooks this side of the Mississippi. However, Producing records since 1995 Assault has been making some of the most talked about booty-bass accelerated funk, and hip-hop tracks in existence. Songs like ‘Bounce’ which appeared in the 2003 oscar nominated film ’13′. ‘Ass N Titties’ which was used in a April 2004 episode of the Dave Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, ‘Shake It, Work It’ aired in a HP (Hewlett Packer) ipod commercial during the August 2004 VMA’s (Video Music Awards) on MTV and continues to play on national television. ‘Bounce’ also appears in the 2006 film entitled “It’s a boy girl thing” Other credits included music production for various MTV shows such as ‘Road Rules’ and ‘The Gauntlet’. DJ Assault has also gained sponsorship from the Coca Cola Corporation and is now part of the 2009 Coke DJ Culture Tour in Germany.


DJ Godfather is considered one of the founding fathers of the genre we now know as Ghetto Tech. He started DJing at the age of 15 with the help of, now business partner, DJ Dick. Within a few months of getting his turntables, Godfather was already playing in nightclubs and after hour parties all over Detroit. He started producing at the age of 17 for his first Miami Bass style group Bass Association. With the buzz of a few singles off the Bass Association album on 3 Detroit radio stations, Godfather made his first solo record at the age of 18 on the now Twilight 76 Records entitled "Work Dat". Taking his turntablism skills and mixing Detroit Techno music with Miami Bass music, and new sound was born, Ghetto Tech. With the formation of their new record label Twilight 76 with partners DJ Dick and Brian Gillespie, he took his talent and turned it into an entire business creating 3 other labels known as Databass Records, D.E.T. Only (An exclusive label with only 1000 copies of each release), and Juke Trax (A label dedicated to the Chicago style of Ghetto House and Juke music). With all 4 record labels combined, Godfather and his partners released over 250 vinyl releases and mix CD releases, selling over 800,000 units worldwide. You can hear DJ Godfather tracks on the 2 videos games, NBA 2K6 and NBA 2K7 on 2K Sports. He was also the first DJ to be released on the Serato digital download series, using Scratch Live technology and tracks only available digitally for a mix cd entitled "For The Freaks". With 12" vinyl record sales slowing down over the past years, Godfather and his partners stopped pressing vinyl and embraced the digital download world with their own digital distribution company and 2 online MP3 stores, for Mashups and DJ Remixes along with for Trap, Ghetto Tech, Electro, Techno and Juke music. They also started Soundbully, A digital distribution company that offers digital distribution to over 187 MP3 stores and ring tone carriers worldwide.