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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

I think anticipation for the upcoming storm and a staggered holiday work schedule threw me off so I am posting this one day later than normal. Luckily I had no concerts to recommend for today but still, sorry about the delay. I can't believe we had sub zero temperatures today and tomorrow is just a little bit better. I almost spun my car on some black ice this evening so be careful driving out there. It is sometimes the areas you don't expect that can cause you the biggest problems.

I was spending some time online and caught a few big name passings for the new year. First, for you true film buffs, "Something Weird" film company founder Mike Vraney passed away at the age of 56. Something Weird is known for bring to the masses an interesting collection of burlesque, striptease, drug education shorts, stag shows, science fiction, jungle films and just a ton of rarities. I found some great films that you usually just hear about in whispers. The packages are great because you would get one or two films and a whole bunch of extras like educational loops and mini-films that related to the film. Check out films like "Double Agent 73", "The Gore Gore Girls", "The Acid Eaters", "First Spaceship On Venus" and many other unknown classics. I know Thomas Video had a huge collection of these films which a rented a whole bunch over the years.

Two singers from the early years include Jay Traynor, lead singer on "She Cried" by Jay and the Americans and Phil Everly, of the Everly Brothers which was one of the most unique and influencial bands of the 60's. Lastly, Sir Run Run Shaw of legendary Shaw Brothers fame. He was influencial in the development of kung fu films not only in Asian (he nurtured talents like actor Chow Yun-Fat and director John Woo) but worldwide. He was a producer of one of my favorite films in "Blade Runner" but cannot for great films like Shaw Brothers films like "Five Deadly Venoms" and "One-Armed Swordsman". I hate bringing in the new year on a down note but I hate to see these guys get lost with all those end of year lists coming out.

In the meantime, here are just a couple shows to check out this week:

Friday (1/10) - Oscillating Fan Club open for the High Strung @ Magic Bag, Jay Z @ Palace Of Auburn Hills

Saturday (1/11) - Jill Jack @ the Ark, Jamey Johnson @ The Fillmore

In honor of Phil's passing, here is a song from a new album dedicated to the Everly Brothers as sung by Norah Jones and Billie Armstrong of "Green Day". This album came in under the radar and despite what might sound like an odd pairing, this is one of the coolest tribute albums I have ever heard. These two polar opposite musical greats pulled together a wonderful album that you need to check out. And I though the Edie Brickell/Steve Martin album was the most unique pairing until I heard this on Canadian airwaves.