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Just Another Motorcityblog Band Interview with Lost Boys

(subtitle: soon to be Prude Boys on May 9, 2014)

It's record store day and what a better way to start it out than with the first of an ongoing series of interviews with local and national upcoming bands, DJs and artists. It's Just Another Motorcityblog Band Interview with local fun girls and boy trio, Lost Boys. The interview will give you the lowdown on the band but let I can tell you firsthand, after seeing them play, Lost Boys make mighty fine boisterous raw punk and pop. You catch them at the MetroTimes Blowout playing Friday, May 2nd, at Northern Lights Lounge. It will be their last night as Lost Boys because they've found themselves and discovered they are really Prude Boys.

MCB:Who is in the band?
Sadie Sam, the drummer
Quennton Thornbury, guitar & vocals
Caroline Myrick, bass & vocals

MCB: When did you form and why?
LB: We formed in the Spring of 2013, playing music in our buddy's attic to deal with being broke and bored. After playing and realizing we could all write songs together, and were addicted to playing, we got a name and a Facebook.

MCB: Describe your sound in ten words or less and what band would not offend you to be compared to?
LB: We are: garage-punk-pop-surfy-noisy-rock n' roll kids. We've been compared to The Pixies and we thought that was right nice.

MCB: What’s your latest release and how can people get it?
LB: Our latest release is a one-take live demo we recorded in our practice garage. It's aptly named "Lost Boys Demo 2014" and is available at Our first EP is also there. It's more polished.

MCB: Favorite local venue and why?
LB: We adore Woodruff's of Ypsilanti. We've played there 6 million times because we love the people who work there, the people who come there, and the cheap drinks. It's like a second home, next to our garage.

MCB: What’s one another local band you think people should see?
LB: One? We could hardly pick one, so how about two. del Brutto & Double Weirdo. They are raucous, rowdy, crazy dudes and their shows are not to be missed. They're also our best friends.

MCB: What do you like most and least about Detroit?
LB: Most of all, we love the music here. The scene is diverse and weird and people are pretty damn nice, which is refreshing. We do not so much like the unpredictable and incomplete public transportation system. Bikes work though.

MCB: Where’s the best place on the internet for people to go hear more from you?
LB: is the place to go. It has all of our links, plugs, gadgets, trinkets, knick knacks and more. We also have a few videos up on youtube if you search hard enough, like our first music video for "Care Package".

MCB: What makes being in a band worth it for you?
LB: The money, cars, clothes, and women. But actually, it's because we love playing shows. There's such an exciting energy that comes from playing live. It's exhilarating. It's incredible playing for a crowd. Also, we love the chance shows give us to hear what other bands are doing. We're planning a short tour down south in May and it'll basically be a vacation where we get to have a good time playing shows with different bands every night. We couldn't think of anything better.

MCB: You will know the band is successful when…..
LB: When we're not eating Jet's pizza every day. But we'd probably do that anyway.

MCB: Most embarrassing moment so far….
LB: We genuinely have no shame, but there have been a few shows where maybe we played a little too late in the night, if you catch my drift, and we weren't exactly "on point" or "coherent". I'm sure people have been embarrassed for us.

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Interview and pics by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media