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REVIEW: Tycho live at Crofoot Pontiac by Romy Saraquse

4/11/14 – What a night for the 3 piece band, Tycho, in Detroit.

For the first time in 3 years the band sold out the Crofoot in Pontiac.
Gems opened up and were amazing. What a big sound for a 2 piece band!
People of all ages came to pack the place and by the looks of it, the
whole crowd was bobbing and dancing in sync all night. Tycho's Scott
Hansen put on quite a show with his lights and artwork, all
self-designed. The band clearly is stacked with talent.

The Crofoot continues to be a preferred venue for Tycho and their
last show there was the inspiration for the new album Awake. Awake is
an amazing album. I love how they have brought more guitar to the
forefront. Hopefully Tycho continues to push out their great music and
we in Detroit continue to inspire them to not only create great music,
but to come back every year.

Thanks to MCB for the tickets and cheers to a band that continues to
amaze me year after year!

Words by Romy Saraquse

Photos by KP