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The Pixies - Indie Cindy (Album Review)

The Pixies - Indie Cindy (Album Review)

 Twenty three years since their last release,  the release of Indie Cindy proves the Pixies are still a viable band.  Released on their own label, Pixiesmusic, the new recording starts with an accurately named track "What Goes Boom."  Following is a ride with more highs than lows and an album that puts 46 out minutes of solid songwriting, playing and tightly arranged music. 

The Pixies fans in the crowd may notice the absence of Kim Deal, who didn't finish the recording.  The band moved forward and put down tracks without replacing or trying to recreate her.

The influence of the Pixies is steeped into the archives of 90's music and heard in bands including Nirvana and Radiohead.  While they were somewhat iconic in music circles in the US, the bands real popularity was found in the UK and in Europe.  What makes them more interesting as icons is that they only released a few albums and were broken up between 1993 and 2004.

Outside of news and hubbub, this is an album that's enjoyable to listen to.  For those who would like to hear it, the band has graciously placed the album on NPR's website.