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TOMORROW: Book Release and Rock Show @ Small's

Book Release Party and Rawkin Rawk Show
by Eric Abbey and Colin Helb
Arm Your Enemy
the Counter Elites
April 4, 2014

Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk (formerly titled Skinned to the Bone) is a collection of writings on music that is considered aggressive throughout the world. From local underground bands in Detroit, Michigan to bands in Puerto Rico or across Europe, this book demonstrates the importance of aggressive music in our society. While other volumes seek to denigrate or put down this type of music, Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk forces the audience to re-read and re-listen to it. This category of music includes all forms that could be considered offensive and/or move the audience to become aggressive in some way. The politics and values of punk are discussed alongside the emerging popularity of metal and extreme hardcore music. Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk is an important contribution to the newest discussions on aggressive music throughout the world.