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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

Some times one just hates to get out of bed when we are still searching for the Malaysian airplane, trying to get rid of winter, unrest in the Ukraine, ebola in New Guinea, trying to figure out why a high school kids bring 2 knives to school, shaking your head at a white idiot shoots three people at a Jewish Center, how another soldier is able to shoot up Fort Hood, why a Florida teacher orders a hit on a 7th grader, how a mother kills 6 babies over a 10 year period and the injustice of a bunch of future college students get killed in a bus crash. When I find myself getting frustrated at work, one can just look at this stuff and realize things are not all that bad. At least I can pronounce Achilles.  I hope the Easter weekend can signal in a change of fortunes and more happiness in the world.

It is a light week for me to recommend shows, but here are a few choices:

Wednesday (4/16) - Lacuna Coil @ Machine Shop

Friday (4/18) - Toadies and Supersuckers @ Magic Stick

Saturday (4/19) - Ruiners @ PJs Lager House, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr @ Royal Oak Music Theatre