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Big Wreck’s reunion has now turned into a full-blown second coming.

Fresh off the heels from the release of their new album Ghosts, Big Wreck is embarking on a fall tour across their homeland of Canada, with a bonus stop in Detroit. The band will hit stage at TheShelter on Tuesday, October 28th with special guests Ignoring The Echoes. Full tour details can be found below and tickets will be available in the tour page/VIP tab on the Big Wreck website.

Big Wreck’s new album Ghosts is now available in the US on iTunes, Amazon, select digital partners and in F.Y.E. stores across the country. Big Wreck headed into Revolution Studios and Vespa Studios in Toronto to record the 13 new songs that make up Ghosts. The band approached the making of this album with a renewed sense of wonder toward the very things that turned them on to rock and roll in the first place. While the album stays true to the driving intensity, booming drum sound and unbridled guitar virtuosity that has always made Big Wreck so appealing, it also explores bold new aural territory which sees the band letting their guard down for the first time to return to the seeds of long forgotten ideas.
Singer/guitarist and founding member Ian Thornley had this to say about the fall tour, “We are very excited to hit the road and hear these songs grow with the fans. This is still only our 4th studio album, there is still a lot that we want to accomplish, and much of that growth must come from live performance.”

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