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Check out MARK 80's upcoming solo gallery show in Rust Belt Market Ferndale 10/18/14

Wayward Geometry

Please join me at the Rust Belt Market in beautiful Ferndale, MI, for Wayward Geometry the debut of a new body of work under my new persona, Mark 80.
Why a new persona, you ask?
It is mainly an attempt to codify numerous childhood influences with the person I am now. I often find myself wandering down different paths while I work. This leads to entire bodies of work incongruent with my current persona of Mark Sarmel. To focus my self and better suit my potential patrons, I've created a new persona with a distinctive personality, but don't be confused by all the artistic mumbo jumbo. This is a circus of influences dumped on both digital and analog pages in hopes of finding some sort of theme.

Why the term Wayward Geometry?
Well, I'm a bit lost in my current artistic state. Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. This body of work is comprised of pieces dealing with those same questions. Working with a limited color pallet, consisting primarily of yellows and magentas, various geometric shapes fuse with organic forms to create new subjects. Asian and American motifs meet in the forms of patterns, iconic characters, and vivid colors to re-interpret the popular Ukiyo-e woodblock prints of 17-19th century Japan. This is me wandering in new mediums, techniques, and subject matter, fueled by my love of the 80's, anime, hip-hop, abstract art, and Asian leitmotif.

This is my first show under my Mark 80 persona and will feature all new works on wood and paper, comprised of both originals and prints.