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TONIGHT: MiCraftBeerCulture celebrates the release of their 3rd issue and all things Michigan at Small’s in Hamtramck This Friday Night October 10th 2014

This Friday Night October 10th MiCraftBeerCulture celebrates the release of their 3rd issue and all things Michigan at Small's in Hamtramck.

We here at MOTORCITYBLOG must take this moment to congratulate the owners of Small's on 15 Years as a live music venue and also on their new and soon to be open venture in suburban Ferndale, Zeke's R 'n' R BBQ.

Rounds 1 and 2 had Atwater Brewery pouring and dipped deep musically into Mid-Michigan's roots with Behind The Times, The Webbs (featuring Scotty Karate whom Dark Horse Brewery has dedicated a Scotch Ale in his honor), Eleanora, Detroit Music Award winners White Shag and the recently relocated to Nashville, Captain Ivory. For Round 3 the line up, like our taste in beer, reads as diverse a discovery of the ingredients that constitute Michigan taste and expression.

Starting off the event is L.T. Sanders, a veteran of the 90's indie rock crowd as well as the multi-media Loco Gnosis collective/collaborative of the mid 2000's who recently has been performing in a Mudhoney tribute band to mark the "20-25 Years Since" revivals for various Grunge bands.                                                                                                                              

Here are some of his home recordings:

Up next will be the ultra-obscuro Coleman Youngbloods. A trio of crazy talented musicians led by visual artist Mike Ross whose ALGAE RECORDS & TAPES has probably sold as many custom long boards as albums at this point.

Multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer Jeff Spatafora, most notable of post-everything Crappy Future plays bass.

Brandon Moss, formerly of Bear vs. Shark and Pinkeye and currently in Bars of Gold and Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss anchors this project.

Bringing it all back home will be Escaping Pavement, along with The Ragbirds and Frontier Ruckus, lead Michigan's vanguard of Americana bands who have been able to reach beyond the Mitten with their Mid-West Working Class ethic front and center.                                                                                                                                              

Find out all about the picking and grinning right here:

Closing out the night will be Seven Birds One Stone's name and motto "Mitten born. We don't strive to be hip. We strive to create." is fitting in a region known for almost having to stomp on a foot on every base before going home. SBOS, like The Infatuations, do a fine job representing Motown Soul with the current Midtown glee.                                                                                                                   

Find the new Sounds of Detroit City:

Check out what MiCraftBeerCulture is up to:

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