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CONTEST: Marche Du Nain Rouge Detroit Neighborhoods Float Competition

Marche Du Nain Rouge Challenges Detroit Neighbors to a Float Competition

Who will stand up to show their city pride if the Nain Rouge shows his face again this year?

Organizers of the annual Marche Du Nain Rouge are asking neighbors to show their community spirit when the annual event returns to Midtown Detroit on March 22, 2015.

The procession honoring Detroit’s rising will again launch from the Traffic Jam & Snug parking lot on Canfield and Second, winding through city streets before stopping for a rally and celebration on the steps of the Masonic Temple. The event will begin at 1 p.m. 

Will the Nain appear again this year to try to wreak havoc on our city? If he does, he will be met with displays of pride from communities like Morningside and Warrendale, and West Village and Rosedale Park. Groups from all city neighborhoods — representing the heart and soul of the city — are asked to band together to build floats and processions for the Marche.

The neighborhoods with the best displays will be honored with accolades from near and far, and maybe a trophy and a cash prize to use for community improvements of their choosing. Three prizes will be offered: Two $250 prizes and one $500 grand prize. All city neighbors are welcome to join in the friendly competition.

As for the rest of the festivities, Francis Grunow, co-founder of the Marche du Nain Rouge and this year’s organizer, expects the event to grow just as it has since the first Marche du Nain Rouge in 2010.

“There will be more. Of everything,” Grunow says. “It will be quite simply the most fantastically unique, community art parade Detroit has ever seen.”

To help community groups bring out their best game, Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions is offering two free Neighborhood Float-Building Workshops in partnership with OmniCorp Detroit. These workshops will offer tips, ideas, and brainstorming sessions to help participants be Marche-ready by March 22.

“We will show folks how easy it can be to express themselves creatively,” says Ralph Taylor, President of Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions. “You can make a stunning visual display with simple materials and a little know-how.”

Just make your float and SHOW UP!
One note from the organizers: The float CANNOT be motorized!

Here are some examples from previous years for your inspiration machine: