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Hip Hop & Comics A Great Combination

Green Brain which recently relocated to a new location in Dearborn, is one of Detroit's best comic stores for both indie and mainstream comics. They also have a couple of the nicest comic shop owners with Dan and Katie who are always willing to chat and suggest comics worth your time.

Best of all they put on awesome events at their shop and they have a great one coming up on Sunday, March 1st. Nerdy comic hip hop stars, Adam WarROCK with Mikal kHill will be rocking the comic shop floor at 7pm. This is part of their Grumpy Old Men and it's a free show.

Adam WarROCK and Mikal kHill rap about your favorite comic super heroes and life in general, I'm very impressed with their backing music as well as the quality of their raps. Each of them have a ton of free music at their websites and you can find them on Spotify, so check them out, then come on out and join the nerd herd.