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Show Preview: Paper Diamond (+ more) the Crofoot, Friday, Feb. 20

I try not to use the label “innovator” too liberally, reserving it for artists that are truly putting an effort into revolutionizing music both in terms of sound and live presentation. When it comes to Paper Diamond who will be performing at the Crofoot on February 20th, the label “innovator” can be firmly applied without a moment of hesitation. Having seen him perform a couple of times and listened intently to his music, which he puts out free to all, Paper Diamond puts on a show and has a sound that uniquely separates him from the EDM scene.

For his new “Rain Drops Tour,” Paper Diamond (aka Alex B.),  is creating a fresh live experience with an entirely custom speaker design by PK Sound and stage design. His stage this year is promising visuals that will leave the crowd dizzied with awe. Unlike other electronic artists that rely on well-tested crowd pleasers, ( I actually witnessed an EDM DJ last week play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”) Paper Diamond tailors his set list with much of his own material along with other dynamic EDM artists to create a fluid and soulful musical experience.

Also appearing on the tour are: Gladiator, BUKU, and Cameron Oakley. For more information on the upcoming “Rain Drops Tour” and to listen to the previously unreleased track “Take Me Away,” go to: