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Show Review: Ponyshow, B One Ballroom, Jan 12

Ponyshow played at B One Ballroom last night and my ears are still ringing. This is surprising to me because it was such a short set, so maybe my aging ears are just getting more sensitive. On that subject, I’ll tell you about another sensitivity for these aging ears and that is discerning  good, raw alternative music, which is what Ponyshow delivered in spades.

Before I get to Ponyshow, Le Voyage warmed up the show with a set of good, modern progressive rock.

Ponyshow is Jason Stollsteimer's (The Hounds Below and Von Bondies) new band that also features the drummer from Von Bondies. 

They haven’t had much time to create a bunch of songs, but they have been able to establish their sound of energetic, alt rock that dials in on bands like the Pixies and Superchunk. Jason told me beforehand, the band hadn’t practiced together recently and wasn’t sure what to expect, but as usual, he was underselling the goods. 

From the second, Ponyshow took the stage they set forth on a path of destructive buzzsaw beauty. The third member of Ponyshow, Leann Banks, whom I hadn’t seen play before, shared vocals with Jason and brought her own brashness to the stage as a whirling dervish on bass. Throughout their set, drummer Donny Blum, played with a veracity and a wide smile that defined the night for everyone in attendance.

Text and pics from Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media