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Interview: Single Mothers

Today marks the first in hopefully a series of shows, concerts, and events in 2015 where I tell you not to fuck up. Don't sit at home drinking light beer pretending to enjoy another episode of Scrubs. Don't wake up on Friday without a hangover. Do trudge through the snow to The Magic Stick for Single Mothers. The Canadian band, which was just nominated for a Juno award in the Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year category, was recently announced as a performer at The Pitchfork Music Festival. I selfishly and briefly spoke with front man and sometime gold-digger (literally), Drew Thomson, about my two favorite Single Mothers songs and what makes him so angry.

Motor City Blog: Lets talk about the song "Half-Lit", where did that idea come from? It seems to paint a sad picture of drugs and love.

Drew Thomson: It kind of happened really quickly. We recorded our album in London, Ontario and that song wasn't going to be on the album. We actually wrote it in the studio really quickly and it turned out to be the single. It came out really fast and I think that's just a testament to our band. The less thought that you put into things the more successful you get, sometimes.

MCB: Another standout song that's not on your latest album that I'm really into is "Christian Girls",
what is the concept for this song?

DT: Well that one, just like "Half-Lit", I wrote on the spot in the studio. I had completely different lyrics for that song and nobody liked them so I just kind of free-styled them. That's another popular song that was just written on the spot. I was hungover and was hanging out with a certain crowd at the time and that song is just about the night before.

MCB: Oh, okay. I really enjoy that song

DT: Thanks, a lot!

MCB: The first review I read about Single Mothers said that you guys all walked out and looked angry. What exactly is the fuel that makes you so angry, and how do you keep doing that night after night?

DT: (Laughs) I think when you're playing this type of music, as the lyricist, it's easy to kind of channel that angrier side of you, I guess. I don't know, I don't put that much thought into it. Usually the band starts writing a song and I'll add to it and it becomes kind of angry. Or maybe I'm just an angry guy, I don't know.

Single Mothers is playing The Magic Stick on Thursday, February 19th. Tickets are $10/$13, all ages. Don't fuck up.