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PHOTOS: Umphrey's McGee by Drew Bender

"The Umphrey's McGee show at the Royal Oak Music Theater was a great way to spend Thursday night and the crowd was stoked for the show. Umphrey's is a jazz and rock-based jam band from Chicago, and like their recently reunited and long-established brethren Phish, Umphrey's commands a devout following.

The crowd consisted primarily of early 20-something hippie kids with various folks of other ages thrown into the mix. Most of the crowd was very friendly and having a rocking time and the phreaks were out and about, dancing and drinking and really being into the music. Plenty of people were there, and I'd say easily 80-90% capacity (although I never doubt a promoter's ability to cram folks into venues). I spoke with concertgoers from all neighboring states and Canada, and I've never had so many wasted hippie kids asking me to take their pictures, (so there are some of those in the mix too). I always love shooting bands that have cool light shows, and Umphrey's definitely contributes to the psychedelic vibe with a seriously trippy display.

A good buddy of mine, Z-man, is a concert taper who records lots of shows in SE Michigan, and all over the country. If you want a copy of the show, there should be one up on the live music archive or via torrent at or via torrent at

Between the long, spacey, psychedelic jams, their rockin cover of Pink Floyd's classic 'Time' off of Dark Side of the Moon, the schwilly wookies and spunion wookettes offering me illegal substances (of which I didn't partake), and the barely incomprehensible kid who I had to jedi mind trick into giving me my monopod back (long story), it was definitely an entertaining night. "


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