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Tony Roko does CPOP Gallery

Local detroit artist Tony Roko had this to say about the art opening at CPOP last weekend:

"Last Saturday, during the torrential downpour we've been experiencingas of late, I stepped out of the rain and into the quasi sophisticated world of C-Pop's Conformity Exhibition: Live Conformists DeadTroublemakers.

While I am an "artist" myself, this particular showset me off kilter.

The exhibition was an eclectic mix of photography,paintings, sculpture and installations with mediums ranging fromrubber to chocolate, "paint to pigguts"
Some of the notables:*"Daddy's Little Girl" by Cristin Richard-This was an exquisite dressmade of nearly transparent pig guts.
The dress appeared smokestained and reminded me of a dark and dreary wedding day leaving me with feelings reminiscent of a Joyce Carol Oates novel.

.*Julio Dominguez had a number of pieces including the photographs of atranny primping in a dingy motel room, "Paul and Bruce" a back-lit installation of several haunting images and a piece called "RubberLace Bikini" which was indeed, a made to order rubber lace bikini displayed on a live model.

*The prize for most disturbing piece was, "Astronaut and Baby" by James Brutus.
A painting which evoked a strong emotion with an imageof an anonymous astronaut holding a freshly born fetus.Overall, C-Pop delivered another entertaining evening with a widerange of works, staying true to their cutting edge reputation.