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Wild At Heart

Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog
He has a radio program on WXOU out of Oakland University

Wild At Heart

Hello everyone! I'm going to just start off that I am tired. I am working full time at a temp job, going to concerts and other events and watching a ton of movies and TV series to the point where I have been getting very little sleep.. I did something today I almost never do and that was take a small nap this afternoon between things to do. This means that I don't really want to write my blog today but it is Monday and that is the schedule I want to keep in hopes that I cover things you really want to know about. I have had lots of people come up to me saying they enjoy my blog and that is why I am here despite just wanting to go home and go to bed. Thanks for listening and lets get start with shows that I recommend for the week though most are local bands.

Wednesday (5/05) 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship @ the Fillmore

Thursday (5/06) guitar lovers will enjoy Dave Mason and Leon Russell @ Michigan Theatre

Friday (5/07) Irish rockers Saw Doctors @ Magic Bag, local country band Annabelle Road @ Jackalope's (Wyandotte), cool local band Lac La Belle opens for My Brightest Diamond @ Pike Room, local bands including Jessica Hernandez @ Crofoot (free show)

Saturday (5/08) local country band Annabelle Road @ Mr G's (Garden City), Sponge @ New York New York (Chesterfield), rockers the Muggs @ Majestic Cafe, hootchie coochie girl Charo @ Caesars Windsor, Maverick's lead singer Raul Malo @ Lexington Music Theatre Company, local blues with Broken Arrow Blues Band @ Callahans (free show)

Sunday (5/09) Willie Nelson @ Fillmore, School Of Rock doing "Gods Of Metal" @ Crofoot

Now that is out of the way, I feel a bit better as I type though I don't have much to say. Looking forward to seeing a press screening of Iron Man 2 tomorrow. Just got a cell phone for work and I'm not in love with it. Most plans are more than my typical phone bill with my hard line. In 2 days, I have already missed 2 important calls, dropped my phone and miscalled a person at 12:30AM in the morning blaring Glitch Mob into what I hope was an answering machine and not someone I woke up who needed to get up early. I also went to a movie screening and ended up holding onto the damn phone wondering if it would ring. The same thing at Porcupine Tree, which rocked, where I spent the entire show at the back where I could get reception in case an agent called and close enough to the door so I could rush into the rainy smoking area in case I needed to hear whoever might call me. I would have rather been closer to the front as both Big Elf and Porcupine Tree rocked the Fillmore that night. I now know why I don't own a cell phone. I get this weird paranoia that I might miss an important call which I shouldn't because I now have a phone on me. With just the hard line, I never worry about missing calls and now I am going crazy just thinking it might happen. Of course, my boss was almost yelling at me when I told him I had to buy a cell phone for my job and was wondering how serious I was. Of course, there are the three times I called him for work only to go to his answering machine and told the next day he never got my email because his phone was acting up. That's upper management. I tell him I'm charging my phone and get a berserk reaction. He doesn't answer three voice messages and all in fine in the world. No wonder cell phones are stress inducers. When this assignment is over, I don't think I will keep a cell phone. They are too expensive and annoying. I also find myself increasingly wanted to grab cell phones out of people's hand at concerts and smashing them. You are at a fucking concert. Enjoy the goddamn music and stop texting the whole show. At Glitch Mob, which also got my glow stick mojo working, a guy sat in someone's seat and when asked to get out of said seat responded with the outburst "Can't you see I'm fucking texting here" in a very threatening voice which made me want to reach down, grab him by the throat and smash his head into the metal railing separating us. I can't stand rude people to begin with, but using a cell phone as an excuse to be rude and being overly dramatic afterwards is grounds for termination with extreme prejudice (as you can tell, I just watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles). Leave your phones at home! I remember when I was young just going to a show and enjoying the music and maybe a game of pool and some light conversation. Occasionally getting the nice one night stand which would last half a day. Today it's playing tetris or texting what a wonderful time you are having while barely looking up as you type or taking pictures of the band which are more of a blur so 6 months down the road you are wondering what the picture really is. And forget working security for a show where the band asks no pictures and you have to walk around telling the same people over and over again to put there phones away but they feel entitled to keep taking pictures until you want to throw them over the balcony. The damn pictures won't come out good anyway in most cases. Once again, just watch the show. Anyway, enough ranting for now and more on my cell phone experience in later weeks.

Not much else to say so it's time for the band of the week: This week I am bringing in a singer from Iceland who put out my favorite single last year. Her name is EmilĂ­ana Torrini and the some was "Jungle Drum" which is also a very colorful video. Her biggest US claim to fame would be her performing "Gollum's Song" during the end credits of "The Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers". At the age of 7, she joined a choir as a soprano, until she went to opera school at the age of 15. In 1994, she became well-known in Iceland after winning the song competition of junior colleges in Iceland. She co-wrote Kylie Minogue's "Slow" and "Someday" and contributed vocals to songs on Thievery Corporation's 2002 record and on Paul Oakenfield's song "Hold Your Hand". While not quite as unique as her fellow native Bjork, her music has a similar quality. While "Jungle Drum" gives a nice beat rounded by some nice scatting, most of her music has a breathless quality that can mellow you out or get you feet a tapping. I hope she can break into the states because I would love to hear her voice live. Here are a couple of tunes that go to her lighter side but she can also provide some darker lyrics when you least expect them.

Have a good week. I am getting ready to go to bed. Take care!