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Breaking Bread. Korean Gangnam Style Chicken Hits Royal Oak

Al Bruting on food

Attention Foodies, the chicken craze that's popping up around the US has found Michigan and we have a new jewel shining through the long list of Royal Oak restaurants. Located at 112 Catalpa (about 100 feet from Main Street) Gangnam Chicken is the new place to try.

Spicy, sweet and tangy, the Koreans make great chicken in addition to soups, stews and noodle dishes. Korean food is awesome for those that know it. Even if you're not into what some consider Asian style food, read on. Its a trend in restaurants, but its old hat for the owners of this new door to an old style of food.

The wings are much, much larger than the wing joints were used to. The flavor is unique and the will leave you satisfied, planning your next visit. Try the spicy, its a ringer. For variety they also offer soy garlic. At $8.50 for 8 huge wings, you will feel the value.

For those that want a side, try the kimchi fries, grilled rice balls stuffed with cheese or gim mari, deep fried sea weed roll. Its unique, its traditional, its delicious. The menu goes on but these are all great places to begin your exploration into the Gangnam Chicken trend that's sweeping the US.

Its the old Maria's restaurant but a brand new fair and new owners. Best wishes to the Maria's proprietor, he was a good man and a hard worker and were sorry to see him go.

Since its a brand new place, remember to give them time to grow. The service is not up to par yet, but you can bring your own alcohol to help you through the wait. This will let you drink your favorite brands and eliminates the cost of alcohol. You can also order take away.

For a great, unique and inexpensive night out in Royal Oak, come out and start your night at Gangnam Chicken and you're in for something new. Below is the website but we attached the menu as it shows you how a simple selection can offer a diverse fair. Cheers!  or 248 439 6645