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Broken Gold EP 'Residency at Hundo Beach' out March 18th via End Sounds

This is a very similar sound to the nineteen nineties genre that included bands like the Texas group The Old 97's (from the Chicago Lounge Ax era). It’s different as it has a touch less energy in terms of the drive of the songs and keeps a slower drum pace.  This release contains a smoother running sound without the sparks and unexpected throttle spots of its predecessors.

Based in Austin, TX, Broken Gold consists of Ian MacDougall on vocals who also plays guitar in Riverboat Gamblers. Joining him on the EP is former Riverboat member Patrick Lillard on bass (Rob Marchant is playing bass in the touring band) Ben Lance on guitar along with Rich Cali on drums, who is also a visual artist and created the cover for the new EP. Sonically a departure from the Gamblers, it includes songs written that didn’t fit the Gamblers repertoire.   

The sustained power chords using distorted basic overdrive effects and vocals minus the highs or lows seals the deal on the 90's era retro sound. Any one up for a straight forward and cleaner rock sound that can be thrown on the player without taking the room over will enjoy it.