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PHOTOS: Skinny Puppy at The Majestic on 2-19-14

Canadian Industrial music pioneers Skinny Puppy stopped by Detroit on their Shapes for Arms tour and took the stage to a packed house at The Majestic last night.  Recently in the news after billing the US Gov for using their music as the soundtrack to torture at Guantanamo Bay, their latest release, Weapon, came to fruition based on this topic.  The show set up resembled a "spy state" with surveillance type video feeds from around the stage and constant projections on the band and various screens.  Ogre's costume changes and props including hazmat garb, neon potions and a dog statue intrigued the crowd from start to finish.  

Weapon, an album laced with social commentary on glorification of guns and the effects of gun violence, is a return to some of SP's earlier sound-focused roots.  The album includes a remake of the Remission-era track "Solvent" and stylistically resonates nostalgia.  Most of the set list included Weapon's songs and a handful from The Greater Wrong of Right, with classic tracks interwoven (amazing 2nd encore of Assimilate!)