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Sleepy Sun at the Shelter 3/8

Late January of this year brought the fourth release- Maui Tears -from Northern California's Sleepy Sun. This new release has a classic psych rock approach detailed with refined touches of dream-pop, fuzz-folk, and jam band facets. I would dub Sleepy Sun's sound as Sun-gaze to separate them from the dark stale-air genre insinuations they may succumb to. They are an oxygen rich breath of crisp California air. They tour extensively having just visited Detroit in November of last year and head to Europe in April- Brilliant!
A perfect pairing for this show- Jet Rodriguez - a meld of amercicana, psychedelic, and blues-rock sounds that deters a definite labeling. Their page on Facebook says Psychedelicate- Interesting.

The Shelter is located 431 East Congress Street, Detroit
18 and up are welcome
$10 at the door