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THEATRE REVIEW: MOON OVER BROOKLYN - Hilberry Theatre WSU - review by Sandy Hopkins

Moon Over Brooklyn written by Ken Ludwig Director Blair Anderson
Falling to wayside of television.

This comical mini journey takes us through the day-in-a-life of aging husband and wife actors George and Charlotte Hay. Moon over Brooklyn gives us a backstage peak at a failing theatre house in the 1950’s. In the story we follow George and Charlotte, the crazy in-law, their resentful daughter, her dim fiancĂ©, her ex lover Paul, their slimy entertainment layer, and Eileen the "theatre hussy", as they come together to create a hilariously insightful experience for us all. Through a well-plotted series of events we witness the doomed life of theatre after the invention of the television. It is an insiders view into the deeply rooted passions, humor and sometimes resentment that can surround actors in theatre world.

photo: griffin, scenis designer Max Amitin Cosumes Design John Woodland Lighting Designer Leah McCall

We watch as Charlotte (Bevin Bell-Hall) frustrated with her life choices, is still in love with the man that she has followed to the ends of the earth. We empathize with the realities of her chosen path and are amused by how she deals with her irresponsible buffoon husband. Her husband, George (Brent Griffith) is a man flailing in his dreams and is trying to maintain his image as a legendary actor. They both dream of being in the movies but Murphy's law always seems to step in and fumble their aspirations. On the edge of our seats we take a ride with them. Will they make it? We root for them from beginning to end.

photo: Bruce Griffin, scenis designer: Max Amitin Cosumes Design John Woodland, Lighting Designer Leah McCall

This is a thoughtfully hilarious production of a man, a woman, a dream, and a will to be true to their passions. The highlight for me in Moon Over Buffalo was the standout cast. They provided many laugh out loud moments for me. From one unpredictable slapstick to the next my echoed laughter, told me that I wasn’t the only one enjoying the boisterous Hays family and their conundrums.  

Moon Over Buffalo is a must see, yet another talent filled cast and crew from Wayne State’s Hilberry theatre. Be sure to catch a performance at the Hilberry February 21-April 5, 2014

photo: Bruce Griffin, scenis designer: Max Amitin Cosumes Design John Woodland, Lighting Designer Leah McCall