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UPCOMING: INTIMATE by Sherri Lemire - Scarab Club Detroit - 4/17

The Scarab Club's Emerging Artist Series presents:
INTIMATE - The Artwork of Sherri Lemire
Thursday, April 17th - 6:00pm - 10:00 pm

Sherri Lemire is a Detroit area artist who draws from her experiences studying, traveling, and producing art for over 25 years. Hours of devotion to her craft have helped her to arrive at a unique style that is influenced by classic French Impressionists and Surrealism. She combines a mastery of color, technical skill, and international flair to create work that is sensual and evocative of the beauty her subjects possess. Femmes, Boudoire, Burlesque, and Bellydance are frequently featured subjects in her artwork. "I want to make art that engages the viewer to live in the moment, and share between viewer and canvas some delicate secret that sparks a connection. I hope that my work creates a sense of ambient harmony, peacefulness, and intimacy."

Her Scarab show, "Intimate" could not be more appropriately named. In these works of art the viewer is compelled to question the idea of intimacy and perhaps consider how modern society has affected the notion of what we consider to be intimate. Sherri has shown in over 30 exhibitions nationally, including Tampa, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles and Detroit. Her artwork and commissions can be seen in homes and businesses around the globe.

This one night show runs in conjunction each third Thursday with the Dr. Sketchy Art
Class on the first floor of the Scarab Club, and the lower level art nude Sketch Sessions.

Scarab Club
217 Farnsworth St, Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 831-1250

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About the Emerging Artist Program: The Emerging Artist program started in January of 2012. Curated by veteran artists and Scarab members, VATO and Adam Owen Layne, the program was created to spotlight metro Detroit artists of all mediums who are up-and-coming or considered the Who's Who of their inner subculture, but may lack the necessary exposure they need to get in front of the mainstream public.

 The Scarab Club is using this program to help the community see and appreciate art that they may not have the opportunity to see or know about. Budding artists need exposure, need to be cultivated and supported, and this program hopes to do so. It also helps entice new membership to the Scarab Club, since the century-old non-profit has opened doors for many artisans over the years, and being a part of their regular showcases can be win-win since it also adds new blood to the mix, and a fresh perspective on today's art.

Although Scarab Club has had decades of events and exhibitions that cater to all ages, this Emerging Artist Series is the first of it's kind. The spotlighted artists are hand picked and given the freedom to display and represent their work in their own solo show, with NO COMMISSION taken by the Scarab. There are so many stories to be told in metro Detroit, and this showcase allows the artist sole freedom to show their vision and perspective of life, without a jury deciding what the public wants to see. It's fresh and it's raw. This 2014 Series will be hosted and curated by VATO and Adam Owen Layne.