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Thadeus Gonzalez at Viper Room 10-30-2014

Kelli in LA here, and I've got something to share with you Detroit folks. It's called Thadeus Gonzalez.

What's a Thadeus Gonzalez? It and he is a powerful group of dudes from Oakland, CA who know how to rock the fuck out. Fronted by the band's namesake, Tad dishes out vocals so fierce, you ask yourself, "Where the hell have you BEEN all my life?!" For souls aching for that perfect grinding, high-octane rock n roll (Detroit, you know what I'm talking about), ache no more. For those wary of newcomers and snobby about their rock n roll tastes, you can actually let your walls down...because if you don't, soon Thadeus Gonzalez is going to knock 'em down!

 More photos here.

Last month in Los Angeles, they performed at the world famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip and did not disappoint. Their musical energy and presence is just as in-your-face as Tad himself is as he belts out their tunes. It feels somewhere in between being at a Motley Crue concert and crowd-surfing at a Motorhead show.

More photos here.

With most of the members having played in Electric Sister, no doubt that same energy and chemistry is still there. And ladies, they still sound like you wanna let them in your pants.

Don't thank me, just go listen. You're welcome.