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Venture to The Loving Touch for Le Voyage

email for The Bon Voyage gift pack of passes, a copy of Le Voyage's new CD and the limited edition show poster

This is exciting! This Friday at The Loving Touch- Le Voyage is set to release their self titled full length record. The first of many we hope. The band has teased us with a few bandcamp singles and driven the anticipation for more with an exciting show to see live.

Check out this line up- The Handgrenades are always solid. Good lads making spirited rock music with a boyish charm. Valley Hush is a new project from a hibernating Autumn Wolf's Alex Kaye and Lianna Vanicelli from Phantasmagoria. This will be their second time taking this commixture of electronic experimentation with trip hop tinges to the stage. Moon Lake is another new group rounding out this night's spectacular schedule. This group of familiar faces (from Citizen Smile, Hounds Below and frontman Adam from The Kodaks- who released the amazing debut record Night Surfing in 2012 before parting ways) are tranquil and self-assured with this new sound.

Four of the very best bands Detroit has to offer under one roof for five bucks. Don't miss it!