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DO NOT MISS FUNDRAISER: SNEAK PEEK We Are Twisted Fucking Sister tomorrow Friday 1/9/15 at the Magic Bag Ferndale

I remember the first time I came across Twisted Sister like it was yesterday.

I would go to the record store every weekend usually on Friday night and buy some random 45's and various LPs for the weekend....the guy behind the counter would slip me something in my bag every once in a while which usually was pretty good.  We were staying in a place just off 8mile and 75 where the houses were stacked like pancakes which didn't go over very well when I spun the TS wax at full blast.  Man that record was good!

MCB supports independent film makers and we hope you can get to this show!

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We Are Twisted Fucking Sister 
Sneak Peek Fundraiser!

Friday, Jan 09th 2015 
Doors at 8pm

The Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI