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WIN TICKETS- The Devil Makes Three and Joe Pug- Friday, January 16th @ St. Andrew's Hall

Photo by Piper Ferguson

"You and me and The Devil Makes Three, don't need no other lovin' baby..."

Vermont trio, The Devil Makes Three, returns to the Motor City this Friday at Saint Andrew's Hall, and we have tickets. Forget what you've experienced in the past about Americana or even Bluegrass boring you, Americana music is slowly making a dramatic comeback. With groups such as Slaughter Daughters and Detroit's own Rickett Pass, The Devil Makes Three is yet another outfit to put directly in the middle of your radar if it isn't already.

Supporting The Devil Makes Three is Joe Pug. Pouring his soul into each note of every lyric, the Austin, Texas native will release his latest effort, Windfall, on March 10th, but "If Still It Can't Be Found", a single which features Pat Sansone from Wilco, is streaming now here.  His experiences leading up to the recording and the release of the album were heavy, so much so that the album almost did not happen.  From his bio, “When you’re sort of pushing through a dark period of your life it’s probably inevitable that some of that is going to find its way onto the page.  But in the same way, by the time we were in the studio the process had become very effortless and joyful. And hopefully you can hear a lot of that on the record as well.”

Catch The Devil Makes Three and Joe Pug at St. Andrew's Hall this Friday. Tickets to the show are available here. To win tickets, email with "The Devil Makes Three" as the subject.