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Far Off Sounds is proud to present our latest installment,

"Fish & Synths", a brief look into the life of Detroit-based musician Richard Kik. Richard is believed to have amassed the largest collection of Russian synthesizers in North America, and is also the curator of the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit. The episode takes viewers into the mind and studio of Kik, in an attempt to understand the connection between his two seemingly-different passions of harsh industrial analog synthesis and aquaculture.

Far Off Sounds update:
2014 was a great year for the series, as we successfully completed our largest project to date, "God's Singing Man", the story of David Bixby, whose late 60's Christian psych-folk album found a second life 30 years after his departure from the cult he helped create.

Since the release, the Far Off Sounds creators have explored other creative projects. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Jacob is currently in pre-production on his upcoming feature length documentary The Work at Lake Volta, which will see Jacob in Ghana in the next months. Nick is busy with his catering and events company Dr. Sushi, in Detroit, organizing pop-up dinners, cooking classes, and brunches full of noise muzak. Nick also spent time in Asia last fall, researching Japanese cuisine and filming in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Far Off Sounds is excited to be producing its next series of episodes this winter in California, so stay tuned throughout the year as we'll be sharing a number of unique and entrancing stories from around the world.

It's not easy to handle every aspect of a creative project. There's finances, production, collaboration, marketing, PR, you name it. We do our best to handle everything with a whopping budget of $0, so when it comes down to actually getting the final project out into the world, we could use your help!
If you're into the project and think your following would enjoy works like this, would you be so kind to help us share what we've done? The only way a show like ours can eventually fund itself is if a lot of people watch and support it. Thanks!

Happy new year!
-Nick and Jacob

Far Off Sounds is a hybrid of ethnographic documentary, music video, and travelogue. The show’s hosts, Nick and Jacob, guide viewers through distant lands and hidden pockets close to home, exploring the beautiful, strange and varied ways that people use, play, and connect with music around the world