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UPCOMING: Dirty Show(R) 2016 / With Special Guest Artist John Waters/ Feb 12-21 2015

Dirty Show® 2016
16th Annual Erotic Art Exhibition
Exhibition Center - Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Ave. Detroit MI 48322

Five Nights - Feb 12, 13, 14,  20 & 21 2015
7:00 pm  - 2:00 am
Tickets - $30


John Waters Is This Year's Special Guest Artist As Dirty Turns 16

(Detroit, MI)  It's a sweet 16 for The largest annual Erotic Art exhibit in the world, The Dirty Show, as it returns for it's 16th year, in the spacious and attendee friendly Exhibition Center - Russell Industrial Center.

"This year is special, we're 16, we're legal." Says Founder/Provocateur Jerry Vile.
More than that, The Dirty Show has proven to be a world-class contemporary art event and as it prepares for it's 16th year with the inclusion of the taboo-breaking and perversely brilliant Writer/Filmmaker and Artist, John Waters as this years Special Guest Artist whose provocative takes on film, Broadway and social commentary perfectly mirrors the Dirty Show aesthetic.

-John Waters will appear in a special engagement. "This Filthy World- Filthier and Dirtier" on Friday, February 12th.

The Dirty Show dates are as follows- Friday, February 12th followed by Saturday, February 13th, Sunday, February 14th and then Friday, February 20th and concludes Saturday, February 21st.

Last years Dirty Show® was the first public event in the new 36,000 square foot Russell Industrial Exhibition Center. The space is two stories high with catwalks spanning the length of the room,it is the 6th venue to house the exhibition. 
This year's curator for Dirty Show 16 Feature Exhibit is Genevive  Zacconi who brings back Dirty Show Co-Founding Detroit  Artist, Glenn Barr and other world renown artists, Colin Christian, Shawn Barber, H.R. Giger, and many,many more world-class artists from around the globe.

The Dirty Show has become more than a yearly Erotic Art event, it's now a major Detroit cultural event as well as a rite of passage for more than a generation.

Dirty Show Preview  - Feb, 12th 8pm

John Waters Live on stage - Special engagement,
"This Filthy World- Filthier and Dirtier"

This is an updated version of Water's legendary stage show.
After his show, John will be signing autographs and meeting fans (his latest book Carsick) will be available at the show)

John will also have art in the show.

The Dirty Show will be open until 1:00 AM with art and other stage acts.

Tickets are $75 VIP, $45 seated, and $30 general admission.