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SHOW REVIEW: Mickey Avalon at the Magic Stick in Detroit on 1/18/15 (with Photos and Video)

"Oh Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind". Toni Basil's hit song kicked off the Mickey Avalon set at Detroit's Magic Stick this past Sunday and by the end of his set the lyrics were surely truth to everyone in attendance.
To experience a Mickey Avalon show is like attending the best damn house party of your life with all your friends. The very lively crowd was first treated to the classic debut album anthems "Waiting To Die" and "Mr. Right". Joining him on stage were local dancers Rachel Eve and Kelley Jean. Usually Mickey brings his own stage talent with him on the road, but seeing the local girls was a nice surprise. Duties for the ladies on this occasion was shaking their junk in the trunk on stage for the evening.
Mickey covered much material from both his two full length albums including "Jane Fonda", "Friends and Lovers", "Mr. Brownstone", and "On The Ave". He also treated the crowd to four of the five songs off his latest EP "I Get Even" including audience participation during "Oh Baby" which the crowd was happy to repeat after Mickey. His non album singles including "Stroke Me" and "Fuckin Em All" were also performed as well as well as "What Do You Say?" from The Hangover soundtrack.
The crowd was treated to 75 minutes of music during the set with little talk between tracks. They came for a show and the crowd got it. Speaking of the crowd, I believe the majority consumed many libations and herbs before and during the show. Everyone was having a blast and sang along during the entire set. Phones were out to document the exploits on stage and probably viewed later to justify the reason for their certain morning hangovers the next day.
Mickey would perform with just himself and his DJ Doc Swift on stage as well as bringing out Rachel and Kelly at times who had plenty to say visually with their outfits or moves including doing splits on stage. Money was being thrown around and ended up in not only the dancers outfits, but also down Mickey's jeans. 
Mickey closed out the night with the timeless classic "My Dick". The ladies of the audience were invited on stage and helped close it out.
After the performance Mickey Avalon, being the kind soul that he is, met with any and all fans who wanted to take a picture with him or get a autograph. Female body parts took signing priority of course. 

  Photos by: Bryon Eschenburg    

Enjoy this exclusive live footage from the show courtesy of Ambervillain Films...
"Mr. Right"
 "Fuckin Em All"
"I Get Even"
 "Stroke Me"