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MCB PICK OF THE WEEK: Our own show! Come join us for "Perfect 10" - MOTORCITYBLOG's 10 Year Anniversary Concert & Fundraiser for Michigan Humane Society tomorrow Saturday 1/17/15

Wow - hard to believe its been 10 years since we created the ol' MCB.  

Over the years we have had more than 100 different contributors and provided media coverage for thousands of shows and events not only locally here in the motorcity, but at times across the nation and around the world.

Many of us have gone from single to married to parenthood in that time.

We named our event "Perfect 10" because it has been far from a perfect decade for us 
but if every pork chop was perfect you wouldn't have hotdogs!

We have been invited to some of the most prestigious events and met some of the most amazing people along the way and delivered photos, reviews, videos and giveaways at every point possible,

On the inverse, we have covered shows where we were the only people in the audience or documented events that were completely in poor taste or complete failures.

I think we have done a fairly good job of being somewhat impartial and letting the reader decide for themselves what they thought about the content of our coverage instead of trying to be tastemakers.

Our relationships have allowed us to bring a lot of free giveaways to our readers and we have had the pleasure of working with local and national promoters to help get the word out on various events which has benefited our readers and honestly..its a lot of fun to give someone free stuff on a regular basis as we have for years on MCB.

My goal has always been to be as inclusive as possible not only regarding the contributors but the folks looking for coverage and content delivery.  Everyone putting on an event or creating music/art/benefit deserves to be heard without someone judging if their event was worthy of coverage and all writers/photographers were able to contribute no matter what others may have thought of their level of talent.

I would imagine that when most people think of MCB they think of me but by no means am I responsible for this on my own as most of the credit would go to the loose knit team of trusted friends (some whom I have still yet to meet face to face) who have used the MCB to hone their various talents and have had a lot of fun along the way.

They deserve the praise and hopefully feel that they were able to squeeze as much blood from the MCB stone as possible every step of the way.

So, we are inviting you to come on down to the Music Hall tomorrow night for an amazing event and help us celebrate 10 years of running the streets of the motorcity documenting all the unique and talented people in this town.

We have great show lined up and obviously a very deserving charity so we hope to see you there!
Thank you 

We have been helping you get your word out - help us celebrate 10 years and raise some funds for MHS
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 “Perfect 10”
Detroit anti-blog celebrating 10 years 
with another grand fundraiser benefiting 

 For 10 years MOTORCITYBLOG has been documenting Detroit.

 In celebration of their continued efforts, please join them for

“”Perfect 10”” featuring 16 of Detroit’’s most talented acts in a fundraiser for the Michigan

Humane Society at The Jazz Café inside Music Hall Detroit on Saturday January 17th 2015 5pm-2am.



"Perfect 10" will feature 12 acts on 2 stages and feature 4 DJs in a VIP room. 

““Once again our goal is to celebrate the longevity of MCB with a fun event which highlights

the diversity of music on the rise here in Detroit while raising money for a great charity such as The
Michigan Humane Society.”” states Chris Vertigo Managing Editor of MOTORCITYBLOG.

Confirmed lineup includes the following:
with special guest DJs

“Perfect 10”

Fundraiser benefiting Michigan Humane Society
10 Year Celebration for MOTORCITYBLOG
350 Madison St Detroit MI 48226

Saturday January 17th 2015 5PM - 2AM

$10 at the door

$20 VIP Access