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Third Wave Weekend Benefit at PJ's Lager House

I want you to try saying something out loud and hear how it sounds...

"Detroit does not have a music store." 

What?! Motown? Birthplace of Techno? Detroit Rock City? 
Yeah, we have a couple record stores.
But there are ZERO musical instrument stores in our city. 
Doesn't that feel ridiculous to say out loud? 
Third Wave Music will be a full service musical instrument shop. Lessons, used instruments, repairs, and accessories. It will be woman owned and operated. It will be a nurturing and welcoming place for all types of musicians. 

Lager House has decided to generously support Third Wave and all door/50% of bar will go to Detroit's much needed musical instrument shop. Coming Aug 2015. We hope you'll join us in enjoying a super diverse showcase of Detroit musicians. 

Six and the Sevens / rock & roll
coyote clean up / electronic pop
Alison Lewis / blues
3FT / psychedelic
Nothing Elegant / bangers

Robbie Dwight / acoustic r&b
Kaylan Waterman (of the Normandies) / acoustic folk
Rollin' & Tumblin' / blues duo
Detroit's DUENDE! / swamp rock

10$ Suggested Donation