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FREE TSHIRT & CD: Magic Bag Ferndale // // Friendly Foes "Born Radical"

First and foremost I want to thank Jamie McCarthy for wasting more than a few hours of our time yesterday - 2 MCB folks waiting for him - we had a request for video interview/photos etc...for the SPIN show and it just didnt work instead of getting jerked off even more (fitting considering the history of the Magic Bag - whose staff by the way were very cool and can sling the drinks faster than most) we took off and headed over to the Friendly Foes CD Release show over at Berkley Front.

turns out there was a good reason for the mixup - so what the hell - shit happens // besides - who the hell are we?? the guy was having a CD release show and probably had a list of things to so long to do that there was no room on the sheet for MCB - the fews songs we managed to catch from Jamie had the really had the crowd going but we left anyway

back to FF Show: The band was tighter than hell - I mean REALLY tight - they must have been rehearsing this record non-stop for months because for the 3 songs I stuck around for there wasnt even room to gasp for air. Solid stuff. We had a photographer shooting and a big shout out to the band who managed to find time during their CD release show to meet with our photographer for a few candids. pics to follow soon from cherie stangis

Free FF CD and Free Magic Bag Tshirt to the 1st emailer -

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