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My Damn Channel Video of Don Was Super Session at Concert of Colors 2008

MOTORCITYBLOG postedour little video last week of The Concert of Colors 2008 which included a few minutes of footage from the detroit super session with Don Was and a slew of other motorcity musicians kicking out the jams on stage at The Max Fisher Theatre last July.

We were just contacted by our friends over at who sent us the link to the completed video of the entire set - check it out here!

By John Sinclair

There's always a fantastic variety of great music of many idioms being made in Detroit, but it takes a national breakout to bring any significant local attention to the work of its resident musicians. So they labor on to create new music and maintain their commitment to artistic expression despite the accustomed commercial obscurity and the relentless indifference of their fellow citizens, playing in little joints for friends and neighbors and trying to find an audience for their hard-won musical offerings.

So Don Was lit a big fire in Detroit last fall when he eased into town, locked down the 54 Sound Studio on 9 Mile Road for a long weekend and paraded a wildly diverse collection of contemporary music-makers before the Wasmopolitan video cameras and Steve King's recording console to cut a series of numbers for the website that would spotlight the musical richness and insane variety of the Motor City today. Was is from here--he grew up in Oak Park and he's always known about what goes down in the D--but he's one of the handful of modern Detroiters who's gained international fame and universal acclaim: as producer of his own unique ensemble, Was (Not Was), with David Was, and of hit recordings by Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, the Black Crowes, the Rolling Stones and other established stars...."

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