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free vinyl for MCB - thanks! New Grenada!

So last night unlike most Friday evenings where I have 5 venues in mind to hit my plan was simple - the photographers knew where they had to be and I was going to catch a show and not do any of the usual MCB bullshit - simply just catch a show and I had noticed that a band that I had not seen live yet was playing at The Belmont - New Grenada

so with that in mind I had set out and without divulging any of the details
- my plan failed
i never made it to the show and this morning was up early wondering what I missed as I poured over the freebie pile - I opened one of the 12" packages that came in and found out that New Grenada sent us an un-solicited vinyl of the new record

now we get a lot of vinyl here at the MCB
- BUT - we usually know its coming

CDs are different - we get those non-stop without knowing about it but when you get a nice new fresh 12" vinyl from a great local band without asking for it

well that deserves a listen ASAP and loud

"Energy Shortage" slipped onto the turntable smoother than ever and I slowly had the system jacked to high heaven as the 1st song started to dig in for rocked but the next door neighbor wasnt too happy about that so the rest of the record got a listen at regular dB levels -- Starting your weekend with a great record on the wheel just cant be beat

Catch New Grenada over at Small's Bar in Hamtramck next month - March 14th for what I am sure is a great live show - look for me in the crowd!

"Energy Shortage" made our day!

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