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FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD / FREE SHOW: Mother Red ~ Garden Bowl Detroit - Wed March 11th 2009

MCB - Thanks for the response!!

Here is a link to download the Mother Red debut album and another great Buffalo band's (Siren Street Shutdown-unrelated to the show) for free:


The Garden Bowl
4120 Woodward Ave
Detroit MI 48201

Empty Orchestra
Mother Red


"There’s a new hope in the world of Buffalo rock in the form ofMother Red. The band’s driving forces are Joe Orlando (vocals/guitar) and Matt Roberts (guitar), late of Victory Records hardcore stalwarts Buried Alive. Along with Sean Kader (bass) and Joe Folmar (vocals/drums), Mother Red delves into heavy, swampy guitar strewn rock with firm roots in punk traditions, yet veering from punk’s directness and concision with extended instrumental breaks and tinges of psychedelia. Sounds like our kind of rock" - Donny Kutzbach / Artvoice / v6n26: Recycle Your Cash (6/28/07)