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Hamtramck Blowout ~ Kickoff party at Majestic tonight then 3 days of local dietroit music in Hamtramck Thu/Fri/Sat Mar 4,5,6,7th 2009

It always amazes me how many people have never heard of the hamtramck blowout around here... I do run in a lot of different circles but still - how can you be oblivious to "the largest music festival in the nation" as MT puts it ..

..when it is happening right in your own backyard?

These are the folks that must be living under a rock because starting tonight begins the motorcity's real muscle....and I am not talking the majestic divas but rather the local music scene.

Now MCB has been covering the scene for a while now and not just the silly overrated red haired step childs of the detroit music scene who get all the attention from various media groups around town....the squeeky wheel gets the grease you know...there are many musicians out there that do what they do without having to be "seen" on the scene ~ you know what I mean?

Someone from MT suggested that MCB should sponser the blowout this year...this was way back around the holidays but of course without putting up some scratch you dont get to party at the bash. They did issue us some bracelets to cover the blowout but declined our offer to run a giveaway for some freebies to the readers of this site. (sorry we tried)

We dont have a list of bands to see- see them all - use a freaking time machine or hire an energizer bunny to haul your ass around but just dont sit at one venue all night....there are only a few bands on the list this year that we WILL NOT COVER AT ALL and our intent is with 8 shooters (6 authorized and 2 are rouge) to cover a very large chunck of ALL the bands playing blowout this year.

MCB has been slammed with email requests to post certain bands shows and in all fairness we will apologize to all and simply say Go to the Blowout and see the bands that you have not seen before...we are not recommending any particular bands...we have covered so many of the bands listed already that we plan following our own advice versus who we like or who is popular or who has the best boobs etc etc etc...personally - I intend on starting with Blase' Splee and walking to each consecutive venue after another until the night ends probably ending up in someones house who left the lights on at 2:30am ...getting home and doing it all over again the next few final show of the weekend will more than likely be Druid Perfume but that probably will change to Scotch Bonnet once I get a few in me......ahh dietroit rules :)

Check out the Hamtramck Blowout Lineup Here
oh and just to copy and past from an email we got
Some Favorite Restaurants in Hamtramck:

Polish Village
2990 Yemans, Hamtramck; (313)-874-5726
(subterranean speakeasy-type of restaurant that serves authentic Polish food -- try the pickle soup -- made by old Polish ladies. You have no idea.)
11945 Conant St; (313) 891-8050
(delicious, delicious Bengladeshi food)

11917 Conant; (313) 366-7795
(wonderful Indian food)

Royal Kabob
3236 Caniff; (313) 872-9454
(lebanese...very good!)

The Clock
11444 Joseph Campau; (313) 305-2713
(this place has undergone major changes: they have SUSHI now.
Open 24 hours/day)
Maine Street
11650 Joseph Campau; (313) 368-0500
(well done diner food, serves alcohol, awesome wait staff)
Cafe 1923
2287 Holbrook; 313-319-8766
(they serve a sandwich called the "Blanche Dubois" and it is divine.)