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Friday 8/14 - "Forage" - PCCA Rochester

One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure.

There are artists among us who see a goldmine of resources and possibilities in the mountain of stuff discarded every day. Objects and materials that have acquired the patina of time carry an emotional weight that is not present in new materials. Some believe that objects that have been owned and used and handled accumulate and store energy from those who have used them, something akin to a charged battery. The best found-object work goes well beyond surface appearance and achieves an elegance or internal logic that transcends nostalgia. For this exhibit, we have sought out artists and musicians who use cast-offs to create works that resonate with poetry that is rooted in the history of the materials from which they’re made.

This show is co-curated by Teresa Petersen, a Detroit resident well known for her magical works made with found objects and ephemera. Teresa worked with PCCA exhibition staff to find Michigan artists working with scavenged materials in new and unusual ways. We broadened our search to include musicians incorporating cast-off objects in their arsenal of instruments. Participating artists include:

Suzanne Andersen

Dan Blades

Carol Cameron,

Clem Fortuna,

John Gutoskey,

Ann Harrington Hughes,

Amy Kelly, Hamtramck, Michigan;

Robert Mirek,

Scott Northrup,

Frank Pahl,

Terri Sarris,

and Graceann Warn,

We’ll spend an afternoon with artists from the show for a materials swap and found-object workshop on Saturday, September 19, 12:00 pm. The workshop will be suitable for young kids accompanied by their parents, as well as teens and adults. Bring along some objects and materials to trade with others, and see what inspires you to make an artwork to take home. We’ll provide some basic hand tools and adhesives.

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We are located at 407 Pine Street in downtown Rochester at the intersection of Pine and Fourth Streets. For information on exhibits, classes, the Art & Apples Festival, special events or volunteer opportunities, call 248-651-4110 or visit .

PCCA exhibitions are supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.