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FREE CD: Aluminum Babe - "17"

MCB has a few copies of the upcoming release
from NYC's Aluminum Babe

1st 2nd and 3rd emailers get a copy
this record has grown on me like a weed over the past few weeks
check out "If u like it" on the myspace
100% Independent -- Electro-Garage Rock from New York City.
Aluminum Babe, the band the New York Press
called "an instant classic" brings you...'"17"
Vocal driven, new rave-acid garage rock, disco beats and songs that are vicious, original and multi-dimensional.
"This is record is one of a kind"
Re-mixing their songs live into a rave like frenzy... hitting everything from Live Jungle and Drum N Bass to 70's Classic Rock to Dub to NYC Noise, Punk and Electro.
Projections fill the entire room with design by FURY.
No one can stand still! Its like the Mudd Club!