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PHOTOS: The Breeders / Whispertown 2000 - Live @ Crofoot Pontiac by Riaz K

So if you weren't inhaling fumes off gasoline that guzzled and rubber that burned last Friday, chances are you were rocking with The Breeders at the Crofoot Ballroom. That is, unless you were getting intimate with your xbox at home, you lazy bastards (hey don't get mad, it's mp3 Monday!)

Personally, I have been a fan of "Canonball" way back in the day when the Breeders were rocking MTV the world over. The chance to catch them live right here in Detroit was a tail-wag treat to be devoured instantly. And as the packed audience stood witness, the rockers did not disappoint!

Opening for them was Whispertown 2000, a toe-tapping, head-swooning sight for sore eyes. One hopes that both bands get the chance to kick it in our town again, cuz you're never the same once you rock with us! For serious.