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The Return of Bar Brady Drink Recipes - Kill Devil Punch

Guess what?
We are reviving our Bar Brady Friday Drink Recipes posts
the story goes that a while back some unknown guy
suggested we do a drink recipe on MCB
and then supplied us with the drink recipe
which we posted every friday for a few months
as most good things go he stopped sending them in
but we decided to revive it without him and forge on
retaining the name of the column in his honor
MCB was invited to sample drinks over at Iridescence
The fine dining restaurant sits on top of the Motorcity Casino
and is connected to Amnesia Night Club
A few of us from MCB met up Georges Mokbel who not only
the manager but the creator of all of these amazing drink recipes
Today we will be focusing on

This drink should be finished quickly
and then ordered again in succession until you forget
where your keys are located and take a cab home.
Prep: Soak some MI cherries in the dark rum overnight
1-Toss a handful of fresh ice into a short tumbler
2-Pour a jigger of dark rum into your shaker
3-add a healthy dose of apricot cordial
(Cointreau or Triple-Sec will do)
4-Cover and shake to the most recent JCM Remix
5-Pour into tumbler and drip the rum doused cherries on top
for spiked flavor and added color
(MCB drink tip is to always spill a little of this drink
during the pour - imperfection at its best)
As we were finishing up we noticed
The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre had rolled into the bar
so we asked them to sample a few as well
here is what they had to say:
-jr- Kill Devil Punch:
"It kissed me on the lips like a demon from hell,
but then it was like sweet, sweet heaven."
Bryan Metro
French Riviera Bellini:
"Normally, the thought of a Bellini stresses me out, but I was pleasantly surprised by the French Riviera. A smooth, yet charming, tart peach flourish with a mischievious hint of wine."
Dani - Real Detroit
Pomegranate Cosmopolitan:
"Very fucking awesome. Can't taste the alcohol at all."

After a few more drinks and some appetizers -jr was on the piano and his classical renditions had the incoming Amnesia crowd tuning in as they swept past the restaurant bar to get to the club

next week: DIVA Diana