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Bar Brady's Friday Drink Recipes - Absinthe Thursdays @ COMMUNE in Royal Oak

MCB's GGBB were into the sweet and sticky absinthe cocktails

As we mentioned last week
MCB's Good Girls Being Bad were invited to sample
the new Absinthe cocktails this past week over at the
underground/revamped COMMUNE in Royal Oak
The GGBB met with Bronwen who runs the place and
were schooled with all the ins and outs of the new additions
to the Commune drink lineup 10 new absinthe recipes
derived from 7 European spirits
We were warned to drink them slow
because there was a "point of no return"

MCB sampled plenty from the menu and decided that we liked the drinks
highlighted below as our favorites
Try them all and find out for yourself
Oscar Wilde $8.25
with Absolut, Absente & Motley Bird

Absinthe Suisesse $7.75
with Absinthe Ordinare, amaretto, cream
& orange juice

Monkey Gland Martini $11.25
with Koruna Bohemian, gin, orange juice
& grenadine

Arthur Rimbaud $8.50
with Absinthe Ordinare, Jack Daniels, peach schnapps
& Motley Cranberry

Morning Glory $10.00
with Absente, Remy Martin, Tuaca, sugar,
lemon & water

Bohemian Revolution $7.00
with Absinthe Ordinare, blue curacao,
orange juice & fresh lemon

Moulin Rouge $9.25
with Versinthe Absinthe Superior, peach schnapps,
grenadine and soda water

Colonial Rot $9.50
with Le Tourment Vert, citrus vodka, mint
& lime topped with soda water & lemonade

B-55 Shot $7.25
layered with Absinthe Ordinare, Kahlua & Baileys

Hammer of the Gods Shot $8.75
with Absente and Tuaca

Absinthe List
All are served chilled with water & sugar:

Absinthe Ordinare $6.25
Absente, Absinthe Refined $8
Le Tourment Vert $8.25
Versinthe Absinthe Superior $8.75
Lucid $9.25
Pernod d’Absinthe $10
Koruna Bohemian $10

Moneypenny and The Assistant were
ready willing and able to get to the absinthe sampling

Head on over to Commune for Absinthe Thursdays
419 South Main Street
Royal Oak, Mi. 48067