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PHOTOS: Jim Beam Charity Concert feat. SPONGE @ TNTs, 09.26.09

89X and TNT's Bar in Clinton Township sponsored the Home Front/Jim Beam Charity Concert featuring Lifeline, Ashes of Soma and Sponge, among other bands. Put together to help raise funds for Home Fronts efforts, as well as give away a kick ass Jim Beam acoustic guitar, the night was filled with drinks, sweat, corsets and ROCK! And, as usual, Sponge failed to disappoint. A nice surprise was Ashes of Soma's set...which simply put...kicked ASS! They are definately a new fave of mine now.

Oh yeah, I was at the Moby show last night, as shown below. (Great shots, Gene!!!) In my opinion, you could have experienced the death of your favorite dog, been laid off from your job and been kicked in the nuts prior to the show, and you STILL would have walked out of St. Andrews with a big-ass smile on your face! Moby rocks! FYI: Kelli Scarr, the opening act (which is comparable to Bjork without the psychotic tendencies and total lack of style), is awesome. Make sure to check her out here.