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Happy Friday Jr -- This Week in MONEYPENNY - 9/17/09

Happy Friday Jr -- This Week in MONEYPENNY _____________________________________________________________________

Moneypenny, brimming with art news and local brews...

Went to the Crofoot on 9/11 for Emerge and See, an event that covered all types of Detroit-based art including several artists displaying and selling their work, live tagging, DJs, bands and live performances (even a puppet show), clothes, jewelry, etc. The wide range of styles collected together under one roof made for an eclectic ambiance. While browsing through the expansive Crofoot I got a different feel from each of the vendor tables piled high with goodies ranging from "grandmas cluttered house full of nick-knacks" to "sleek, ultra-mod bachelor pad". Eclectic Underground had the coolest and most affordable t-shirts for sale. My assistant got a great one with the Ren Cen on it for ten bucks. We stuck around for a few beers, watched the tagging and caught some of the music. Just before leaving we checked out the puppet show. Those guys were dead serious.

It was a good night for artsy-talk and people watching.
Lots of spiky hair, skinny jeans and people with big ambitions.
We absorbed all the fancy we could handle and
then took off to Mt Chalet for bangers and mash.

Saturday was the 32nd Dally in the Alley. My assistant took all the pictures at this one, leaving me free to drink double-fisted all day. Just as we got there we ran into Danny and Tony Muggs, who were just there to enjoy the day. We headed over to the Theatre Bizarre booth only to find out that they sold all 500 tickets for the day within the first two hours, and some of the more disappointed folks stood outside the creepy, faded circus facade and pouted about it all day. Took in Mick Basset who was joined by his Marthas for a few songs, including a super-cute cover of "Picture book". Mick did plenty of solo stuff, and this is the second time I've witnessed that kid get up there and soothe the savage beast all by himself.
That ginger-fro must have magic powers. Spent some time with the friendly folks at the Michigan Norml tent, shopped around through the colorful array of ally vendors, enjoyed spicy street cuisine. The Dally touts itself as the cleanest festival in Detroit, and from my experience I would have to agree. One recycling bin for every trash can and no garbage lying around anywhere. And they have great local beer for sale, too. So us beer snobs don't have to resort to drinking the American piss-water beer that is ubiquitous at most festivals.
The weather for this Dally was perfect and we enjoyed
a steady stream of passing friends all day long.
Most of our time was spent drinking with MCB crew
by the Ally Stage, all finished off with some fantastic eats from the Cass Cafe.

Note from my Editor:
"not sure if this is going to work but our we tweaked the photostream code in an attempt to pull photos from ALL the MCB photographers into 1 streaming set from Dally in the Alley 2009 - did anyone happen to shoot that awesome set from DEVILFISH??"

shouldn't he really be testing this stuff out
BEFORE going live on MCB?
geez... Editors suck...and it looks like it is working

So much fun, I could Dally in that Ally all over again!
Thanks to everyone who made it a perfect day. Until next time...