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Photos: Foxy Shazam Rocks the Shelter !

Foxy Shazam bounced back in town on December 16 th putting on a high energy show at The Shelter. The Basement was full of rowdy fans of all ages as Eric Nally and the band played the majority of the cuts from their self-titled CD "Foxy Shazam" . Eric was dancing on the ceiling and stage diving into the crowd all night. Foxy eventually slowed it down a bit and took a moment to honor one of Detroit's own..Eminem.As Eric started rhyming a few lines of "The Way I Am" the tightly packed crowd shouted every word with him! They finished off the set with a harmonizing A cappella song before walking off stage...only to return with a rebellious encore as the wild and frenzied fans rushed the stage to join the band and form a Mosh pit!
It's will be a fantastic event!
Here are photos Dan captured @ The Shelter