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UPCOMING: 53dt Record Release Show - 12/10 Belmont Hamtramck


Detroit's Five Three Dial Tone Records, will be celebrating the latest additions to their roster on December 10th at The Belmont in Hamtramck. They are The Satin Peaches and Illy Mack. Both will have a new 7″ and cassette released at this show. Both will perform live. The Kodaks and Lightning Love will also be joining the party and performing live.

The show is free, 18+ and starts at 8pm.

The first 50 copies of both vinyl 7"s are pressed on white vinyl, feature different artwork and will be exclusive to this event.

The 7"s will be priced at $5 and include download links for digital files (MP3s, FLACs, AACs, etc). All songs from both releases were mixed and mastered by Jonathan Weier at BGC in the Russell Industrial Center.

The cassettes feature demos, live recordings and cover songs and will be priced at $3 each.

The Satin Peaches, Illy Mack, Lightning Love, The Kodaks
Friday, December 10, 2010
The Belmont (10215 Joseph Campau Street, Hamtramck, MI 48212)
Free, 18+, 8pm

Prelude To A Miss Volume III: Illy Mack
30-minute cassette tape
1. Rubber Bands
2. Voice of Illy Mack
3. Whats Going To Happen? (demo)
4. Seed
5. Iron Jawed Angel
6. Cocoon (live)
7. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (live)
8. Border Patrol
9. Cain & Able
10. Money Don’t Make Me
11. Leann Song
12. Oprah Freestyle (live)
13. No Regrets

Illy Mack - Squirrels 7″ vinyl
A1. Squirrels
A2. What’s Going To Happen
B1. Worms
B2. God
Pressed on pink vinyl, first 50 on white vinyl

Prelude To A Miss Volume IV: The Satin Peaches
30-minute cassette tape
1. Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
2. Bluechild Strumpet Machine
3. Screamin’ Easy
4. The Unfinished Adventures of Agatha
5. Someday You’ll Realize I’m An Alien
6. No Regrets (demo)
7. Changing of Turns
8. Milky Eyes

The Satin Peaches - Red 7″ vinyl
A. Red
B. Scorpio
Pressed on opaque red vinyl, first 50 on white vinyl

Thank you for your interest.
FTDT Records