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Savoy Has Lasers and Know How to Use Them!

Savoy (Celia Levin)

Savoy is playing tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Pike Room for the first time and their bringing a laser show that is sure to light up your night. I spoke to Savoy member, Ben Eberdt who explained to me that the light show is an integral part of their stage presence. "It was deigned for our show and we have a person that controls it as we perform. It was also designed for large or small venues so it doesn't matter where we play the sights will be amazing."

Savoy started up a few years ago in a more traditional indie rock band vein but as they continued to lean towards more electronic elements and incorporate it into their sound, they soon found Savoy as more of an electronic outfit. Ben adds,"We are an electronic group that has as much in common with the rock band as we do the DJ. Our sets are mostly our original music with other electronic, hip hop and dub step brought in but it's not like a DJ set where you just hear the latest hits."

"We've performed in dance clubs but we're also used to playing band venues, either one works for us."

As a preview to their show Savoy recently released their "Personal Legend" ep, which features 4 new tracks. Their songs are both instrumental as well as tracks with vocals. "When we can we will actually have the vocalist come on stage with us. I think we're doing that in LA. For other shows we have sampled vocals we mix into our set."

Savoy is performing with DJ Sheet and Ghost, the Pike Room, doors at 8pm.