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WIN TICKETS: Dirty Show 14

The Dirty Show is celebrating its 14th year and if you haven't bought your tickets yet good luck because odds are both weekends are sold out and if you are lucky you could win a pair of passes to the Valentines Day event at our MCB fundraiser on Friday Feb 8th at Music Hall DetroitMCB has been supporting the Dirty Show since before there was an MCB.

Jerry and Jeremy have created something that screams Detroit and it astonishes me to think how big the show has become. A few years ago we did some candid video interviews with the boys down at Bert's Warehouse a few days before the big opening night and I was blown away by the staggering amount of artwork that DOESN'T make it on the walls. I also had some fun by shocking the guys with some information during those interviews that my first son was actually born at Dirty Show 7 over at Tangent Gallery. (thats enough sharing for today) We were one of the few allowed to video and photograph throughout the years and we have always had the pleasure of giving away tickets to the shows.

 Thanks to the guys we have a few pairs of tickets for the Valentines Day Dirty Show up for grabs in our raffle at our show at Music Hall on Friday Feb 8th

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